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Website Monitoring

With Project Supremacy v3 you will always know if your site is working 100%

Website Monitoring made easy with PSv3

As a website designer and online marketer, I build and manage 100’s of websites both mine and also my clients and it got to a stage of total chaos. I would have to manually check each website to check if it was running 100% and that would take a lot of time out of my day, time that I could spend on other elements of my business.

Project Supremacy v3 has eliminated that problem!

As soon as the WordPress plugin is installed on your website, it will monitor the site and alert you if there is an issue and what the issue is that I need to look at.

What is PSv3 monitoring?

  • Analyses website performance
  • Server downtime
  • Is your website indexed in Google

As soon as there is an issue with either of these 3 features you will receive an email with all the information so you can deal with the website issue.

How does this help me?

  • I do not have to check my servers manually.
  • I know that all my websites are indexed in the search engines as they are supposed to be
  • I know my websites are opening up quickly for the visitors giving the best possible experience.

Website monitoring is crucial, it does not matter if you have 1 website or you have 300. You need to know if your websites are running at 100% and this feature will do that for you!

Thank you for reading my Review of Project Supremacy v3

I really do hope you can see how PSv3 can help you run your online business, it surely has for me and the many people around the world who are using it!

Do you still have questions? Are you on the fence about PSv3?

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