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Project Supremacy V3 Review

by Africa Lad

Personally, I started using Project Supremacy V3 just after it launched and I will say this… It is by far the best asset I own when it comes to SEO and website design. This plugin is literally installed on every website of mine and also all on my clients’ websites and for good reason!

It has revolutionised how I optimise and manage websites!

This is my “Review of Project Supremacy V3“. I do not normally do reviews but I feel the PSv3 system deserves one.

Let’s Begin…

I wanted to start off my review of Project Supremacy V3 with some webinars that PS owners did to showcase what their software can do and how it can change the way you work with your websites.

The four webinars are over 8 hours of high-quality live examples of the power of Project Supremacy.

It really is a must watch as it will showcase the power of the PSv3 software.

Project Supremacy V3 Webinars

Project Supremacy Features

As I mentioned above, Project Supremacy V3 or PSv3 for short comes with so many features and I have decided to break each them down for you so you can get an idea of what you will be getting when you decide that you can not live without PSv3 🙂

There are 7 main features that you will get when you sign up for PSv3.

Wordpress Mgt.

One of the most comprehensive website management platforms on the market. Manage all your websites from one easy to use dashboard.

SEO Plugin

PSv3 offers, in my opinion, best SEO plugins on the market. Compatible with 99& of all WordPress themes and 3rd party plugins. 100% going to increase your rankings.


Schema is the language of Google. Optimise your websites with specific schema to increase rankings. Add rich snippets (Stars) to your site for increased CTR.

Keyword Tracking

No need for 3rd party keyword tracking software. Track your websites keywords right from within the Project Supremacy dashboard.


The PSv3 dashboard will monitor all your websites and alert you if there is any downtime. It will also monitor website load times.


Backup all your WordPress websites on a set schedule to a destination of your choice. Set weekly, monthly backups of all your websites.


If your website gets hacked with malware. Do not fear, you can restore your WordPress core files right from within the PSv3 dashboard.

As you can see, there are a ton of features that you will receive with Project Supremacy V3. It can really be overwhelming especially if you are not sure if you will even use all the features of this SEO software.

I will say this, PSv3 has literally replaced 4 different plugins that I normally would install on every WordPress website build.

Thank you for reading my Review of Project Supremacy v3

I really do hope you can see how PSv3 can help you run your online business, it surely has for me and the many people around the world who are using it!

Do you still have questions? Are you on the fence about PSv3?

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